No matter how accomplished and smart you are, at one point you have sat in front of your assignment wondering how on earth you are going to solve it. So, here are some sites which will really save you time from trying to figure problems out yourself. A helping hand can never do any harm, right?

Slader is an online homework helping website which gives its user textbook solutions. Just search up the textbook you are using, search the page you are on and the problem number, and the site will show you the answer as well as the method on how to solve it. Of course, this site is notorious for helping students write down the answers to beat around the bush, but I personally use this site simply to check my answers and see how to solve it when I am stuck. This site is especially helpful for math and science.


Khan Academy

If you are a visual or auditory learner, this site is for you. Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization which provides lessons through instructional youtube videos. They are, in short, an online tutor. You can search up lessons on science, math, history, grammar, computing, economics, finance, and standardized tests. The videos consist of a blackboard, a piece of chalk writing out the lesson and a voiceover explaining the concepts. Personally, I have used this site particularly for chemistry, and it has done me wonders.



In a nutshell, this app is a step by step calculator which not only answers your math equations but also shows the steps on how to solve it. I have used this site for my Algebra class sophomore year, and let us just say it helped my grade immensely. You can put in any sort of equation and it will calculate it for you. This site also includes a graphic calculator, practice problems, cheat sheets and more.