Since President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, America has undergone changes based on his policies. From the zero-tolerance immigration act to voting in new justice for the Supreme Court, his newfound modifications of the United States have sparked controversy and even outrage between the left and the right. The zero-tolerance policy in particular is now facing more opposition than ever, with its recent result being the permanent separation between immigrant families at the border. This incident has evoked multiple outcries, from the “families belong together” march to individual voices demanding to be heard.

Illegal immigration has always been against the law; In order to immigrate to another country you must follow its respective procedures to do so legally. However, President Trump is enforcing the policy unlike any other past president, ensuring to his country that no illegal immigrant will live freely in the United States. He specifically is focusing on the mexicans who illegally cross the border to live in America, evident from his talk in the beginning of his campaign to build a wall and it becoming a reality.

The controversial aspect of the zero-tolerance policy is first, the deportation of those who have lived and contributed to the American society for years, even decades. Those who have worked tirelessly to support their family, those who do not have a criminal record; All of these immigrants are being indiscriminately deported by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Of course, the truth is that no matter how good these people are, they are still illegal immigrants who do not have authorization to be in this country. However, the morality of this situation is argumentative. To separate these people from their families forever, to send them back to the place they were desperately trying to flee from; It just feels morally wrong.

Second is the way these illegal immigrants are being generalized and portrayed. President Trump has painted these individuals as complete evil criminals. He generalizes all of them as rapists and thieves, a group stealing America’s jobs and draining government funds. Certainly part of what he says is true. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigrants overly consumes public funds, depresses wages for American workers, tips over population growth, and undermines national security. However, the United States has financial problems because according to Ad Age and multiple other sources, Americans are the biggest consumers in the world. In addition, the United States should not be blaming all of its problems on illegal immigration. According to the National Academy of Sciences, undocumented individuals are less likely to commit a crime than an American. At the end of the day, however, no matter how much these people’s actions are justified, they are breaking the law by living in the United States undocumented. It is all just the matter of how to handle the situation without crossing over our morals.

The separation between immigrant families, however, seemed to have crossed that line for many, even some of the president’s loyal supporters.

Since October 2017, the families caught crossing the border have been branded as criminals and even sent to prison until their trial is underway. By doing so, the children were separated from their parents since they could not stay with their parents in jail. This forceful break between families has outraged many, including influential individuals like Kellyane Conway. The eventual “families belong together” march was then initiated, sparking more than 60 rallies across the nation, protesting against this immoral separation.