In the era of technological innovations and mobile devices, old-school bookstores are starting to gather dust. To get a book these days, one would go onto the online bookstore on the kindle app and download one, not go buy one at a store. To get music, one would go onto apple music or spotify and download a desired track, not go to a records store and pick out one from the shelves. However, there are some bookstores that are still dusting off and of popular demand, like The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Last Bookstore is located on South Spring Street in Downtown. This multi-storied building sells new and used books to its many customers, making it the one of the largest independent bookstores in California.

On the ground floor, there are many lines of shelves filled with entertaining novels. On the right from the entrance there is a section of vintage DVD records of classic artists all organized in neat little boxes. The whole vibe of the store makes a customer feel as if they traveled back in time.

The staircase has lettering on every step, writing out all of the different genres the store offers. On the right at the top of the stairs there is a beautiful, modern art piece of a bookshelf with “book birds” flying out of it. In fact, the entire store is filled with alluring pieces of art, from framed work to wall-mounted animal heads. Through the hallway lining the walls of the store there are little shops selling small trinkets of goodies, from used film cameras to fun keychains.

The final floor is the space many customers come for. There is a room with endless, wooden shelves of books of many genres. As one walks through the maze of novels, you will see cool structures of tunnels, circles, and even windows from aligned books. This is where many customers take beautiful photos for their instagram feeds.

The Last Bookstore is an interesting shop filled with little surprises around every corner, it gives a glimpse to the past in this modern, technological era.